Who is Başağaçlı Raşit Tunca - preacher Karoglan? biography

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    • Who is Başağaçlı Raşit Tunca - preacher Karoglan? biography

      Who is Başağaçlı Raşit Tunca - preacher Karoglan? biography

      Name: Raşit Tunca

      Belly Name: Selim

      Root Nickname: Haceliler

      Nickname: Karoglan and Kar©glan and imageman

      The name of his father: Mustafa

      Name of the mother: Rabia

      Birth: 1970 Başağaç


      Primary school: 1976 -1981 Başağaç

      Secondary High School: 1981 -1988 Sandıklı İmam Hatip Lisesi (Secondary School Petrinum, later to become priest or pastor)

      13.06.1988 Graduation with an average of 8.25 (in Turkey a grade from 9-10 equals in passing with flying colours and a grade from 7-8 equals to passing with merit)

      University High School: 1988 -1989 AÜHF - AYO (Ankara University, Faculty of Law, Justice, High School)

      In 1989 he left the university at the end of the second semester to relocate his life to Austria in summer 1989.

      Vocational training in Austria: Professional electrical technician EBT and EIT (Sigmundsherberg, Austria)

      Final apprenticeship: “Elektrobetriebstechniker” on 25.01.2006 in Landesberufsschule Wiener Neustadt

      Final apprenticeship exam 2: “Elektroinstallationstechnik” on 24.06.2006 in the Landesberufsschule Stockerau


      For his first trip in Ankara he has stayed there for 4 weeks for the first time outside of his hometown Sandikli in the apartment of his relatives in between the bus stop

      Şose and the Keçiören Casino. After that he has lived in the private "RESA" student hostel in Ulus Ankara and moved at a later time to the state-supported boarding school in Ankara, Balgat.

      Family: He is married since 1990 and his family grew up by two children - a son and a daughter.

      Hajj and Umrah: Hajj & Umrah took place with the mother in 1997.

      Religious and mystical life:

      1991 sect Burhami Tariqat

      1992 sect Nakşebend Tariqat

      ~ 2003 -2004 sect Dusukiye Tariqat.

      Currently, as founder of the "Raşidi Tariqa" Sufi sect, he is still being the only member


      Professional life started in 1989 in Austria in the quarry "Wiener Baustoff Werke" in Schrems. The company changed twice the hand; most recently it was under the leadership of the family "Poschacher". After quitting his job there, he was employed twice in the meat processing company "Greisinger" for 6 months each.

      By changing his professional interests, he has completed his apprenticeship as an "electrician" and "electrical installation engineer". He could put his learned knowledge within his employments in loan companies, where “Pilz Teiglingsproduktion” in Schrems has been his last employer.