Valentine’s Day Love SMS, Messages, Greetings & Wallpapers

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    • Valentine’s Day Love SMS, Messages, Greetings & Wallpapers

      A Big Pond Full of Water
      can be Emptied by a Small Hole
      Similarly A Little Doubt / Disrespect / Ego / Anger
      can Burn up Strong Relationship..
      Very Very True Message,
      Unspoken. . . .
      “Love Is On Lips Of Many. . . .
      But In The Heart Of Few
      During A Text Message Conversation:
      Him: I Love You
      Her: Iloveyoutoo
      Him: Something Wrong With Your Space Bar ?
      Her: No, There’s Just No Space For Me To Love Anyone Else…
      One Of The Best Moments In Life Is Wen,
      “U See Ur Yellow Rose Turning Red Rose”,
      Hard 2 Understand????
      So Read Again..
      “Your friend turns into your love”
      If love can be avoided by closing eyes,
      then I wouldn’t blink at all
      for I dont want to let a second pass
      having fallen out of love with U!!!
      The difference between love & friendship:
      “With out U I can’t live.”
      That is love.
      “U must live I am with U.”
      That is friendship.
      I AM WITH U!
      Love Is Like Stapler Pin:
      Easy To Attach Hard To Detach.
      Worst Is When Finally U R Able To Detach
      It Leaves The Paper Damage…
      A Small Boy Took A Knife
      And Wrote His Girlfriend’s Name 0n His Hand..
      After A Minute He Started Crying Loudly..
      Why ???
      Paining ???
      No !!
      Then ???
      Spelling Mistake !!!
      Two things are never defined in whole life,
      1 is LOVE:
      Bcoz u never know who LOVES u how much.
      2nd Friend:
      Bcoz u never know how deeply they care About U…
      You Can Hear Your Name A Million Times
      0ne Person Makes It Sound Special
      You Can Say A Million Names
      There Is One That Is Special..!!!
      Real love is not based on romance,
      Candle light dinner
      walks along the beach.
      In fact, it is based on
      A loving relationship is one
      in which the loved one is free to be himself
      to laugh with me, but never at me;
      to cry with me, but never because of me;
      to love life, to love himself, to love being loved.
      Such a relationship is based upon freedom
      can never grow in a jealous heart.
      TRUE Love
      Is Not About The
      ‘Hugs n Kisses’
      The ‘I Love You’
      The ‘I Miss You’
      But About The ‘Chills’
      That Hit Every Part 0f
      Your Spine When You Think
      About Him/Her..!!